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I was born in Dearborn, MI and raised in Southeastern Michigan until I was 14 years old. I lived in Snellville, GA for two years prior to moving to Lakeland, FL where I graduated from Lake Gibson High School in 1989. I met my wife our senior year of High School and we dated for 2 1/2 years before we married on January 1, 1992. One year before we married, in January of 1991, I put my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for my salvation. My decision to trust Jesus Christ literally changed my life. It was hands down the greatest decision I have ever made or will ever make. In the 3 years following my salvation the Lord worked in my heart to lead me to commit my life to full time ministry. I completed my undergraduate work at Spurgeon Baptist Bible College in May of 2000 and entered the ministry as a Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church. I completed my Masters work in May of 2010 and am currently a Senior Pastor. My wife and I are parents of six awesome kids who are complete blessings from God. I hope you enjoy following my blog and getting to know us.

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7 05 2010

Well Im glad to be considered an awesome teenager who is a blessing from God!!!-Your one and only son
(yes i have one of these things now. I LOVE IT)

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