The Illusion of Self-Sovereignty

2 05 2017

“Self-sovereignty is the dream of every sinner.” PAul David Tripp
Self-sovereignty. The grand illusion of control. Write your own story. Be the master of your own destiny. You got this. Define your destiny. Don’t let others control you. Be your own person. It’s your life and nobody else’s. You do you and let me do me. Captain your own ship. Steer your own course.

All of these sentiments and so many more reflect the human illusion of self-sovereignty. They forget or simply deny that we are created beings. Created with purpose. Created with care. Created for Another. Created for one another. Created for dependence. Born in humility. Raised under watchful care. Needy. Helpless. Directionless. Yet desiring and stubborn and self-willed. And therefore disciplined and taught.

Created and born as creatures who wait. Waiting is the pick God uses to break the fragile and thin ice of self-sovereignty. As infants we long to feed ourselves, but we must wait. We need strength, but we wait. We need abilities, but we wait. As toddlers we lap our lips for the taste of exploring new found abilities, to spread our wings, but we must to a large degree wait. In fact all of our childhood is a waiting game. We long ultimately for control and self-sovereignty, but all the waiting God has designed for infancy and adolescence is His sovereign reminder that we are not sovereign, He is.

Then we get our freedom as adults. Or do we? Isn’t waiting the theme of adulthood as well. Waiting for that job you long for. Waiting for your spouse to get ready. Waiting in traffic. Waiting for others to get their act together. Waiting for the kids to take some responsibility. Waiting for the right guy or gal to come into your life. Waiting to graduate. Waiting to reach the top rung on the ladder of success. Waiting for retirement. Waiting for grandchildren. Waiting for financial freedom.

Self-sovereignty is an illusion of life. Waiting is God’s reminder that we are dependent on Him. The question is always, will we humbly wait? Will we recognize that self-sovereignty is a grand illusion and that God controls our destiny and He longs to author our story? Will we yield to His gracious pen by putting ours down. Yes, let’s drop our pen, stop writing our own story. Yes, His pen is marked by waiting, but His ink is the color of grace and the character of mercy. He longs for our lives to be the canvass for another one of His grand stories of His saving work. So let’s drop our pen. Yield to God and ask Him to author our life’s story, to be the Master of our destiny…To be His person living for His grand purpose. He’s got this! And thank God He is a faithful promise keeper.

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