The Man Behind the Christian Magna Cart, Part IV

7 02 2013

romansHere’s the third way Paul chose to introduce himself to the Roman Christians.

“Paul, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated to the gospel of God…

It reflects the truth that Paul was…


The Greek word for set apart is “aphorizo” and means to separate or to reserve for special assignment. If we transliterate that into English it would sound like the phrase “off horizon.”
If you’ve ever looked out over the ocean or one of the Great Lakes you can see the horizon. The horizon is an imaginary line that separates the earth from the sky and becomes this boundary that defines the world we live in. It defines our existence. I can spend my lifetime chasing the horizon, trying to fulfill my dreams within the boundaries of my existence. But to travel outside of that boundary is humanly impossible in the natural sense.
Paul was once defined by a horizon that kept him bound in his life to the pursuit of certain goals, ideas, and to a way of life. But when he met Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus, Jesus opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. Jesus introduced a whole new horizon and Paul went “off horizon.” It was not just the dawning of a new day, but the dawning of a new life, with a new purpose, and a grand design. Paul’s self-righteousness was put to death and he put on the righteousness of Christ. The chains of legalism were loosed and Paul was unshackled and free to live as a bondservant of Jesus. He was liberated by the gospel and for the gospel.

Paul had met his magnificent obsession and could never get over Jesus Christ.

Have you gone off horizon from the life you once lived outside of Christ? When we meet Christ and we receive Christ there is a whole new world that is opened up for us. It is a world that extends far beyond this world and this life. It is a world of new possibilities, new hopes, new desires, and a persevering faith.
Are you identified in Christ as one who is set apart on special assignment? When you meet and receive Jesus Christ He will transform your life, redefine your life’s purpose, and set your feet in pursuit of a new grand design.

He will become your magnificent obsession!

Is the story that you’re telling by the life you live producing the kind of results that will transform those who read your story?
Is Jesus Christ, the One who died for you, the magnificent obsession of your heart and thus your life?

Is the gospel, the life-transforming good news, central in your life?

If the answer to these questions is “no” then you need to forsake whatever your heart is obsessed with and get a new magnificent obsession!

Let your heart be captured by Christ, called to a higher purpose, and compelled to pursue a new horizon of possibilities for your life and the legacy of your life.

At the end of the day this will be true of you and me:

The credibility of our lives will only be as strong as the obsession of our hearts. Whatever you live for is exactly what you’ll be remembered for.



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