My beautiful Grandma (Died 12/25/2012)

21 01 2013

My beautiful Grandma (Died 12/25/2012)

In honor of my Grandma I wrote this poem…It’s my imperfect way of expressing my heart and love for her. It’s entitled:
“God deserves the very best each Christmas Day”

Christmas is a day of giving the very best to those we love
Yes, reserved for Christmas are special gifts given from above.

So it was on that first Christmas day that God gave His very best: A Savior and the Lord
The world was steeped in darkness but then came the Light and we were floored.

Yes, on that first Christmas day God spared no expense and sent His Son to die
That by faith we might live and not ask “why”?

Now Christmas is defined by joy, hope, happiness,
With Jesus as its center-piece filled with eternal bliss.

Christmas is a day that fills the heart with joy
Yes, God reserves His very best gifts on Christmas to employ.

So since God gave his very best on that first Christmas day
Why would we expect to not give God our very best in this most solemn way
For God deserves our very best on each and every Christmas day.

So in the spirit of giving, our family gave God our most special gift this Christmas day
A sweet-smelling flower, with a bright smile, a most wonderful bouquet.

No ordinary flower would do for our God this Christmas day
We sent a special package saying we love you all the way.

You see on Christmas day God deserves our most special gift
We spared no expense, we did not use thrift.

This Christmas day we wrapped our dear one, our Mom, our Grandma, our friend
We sent her on her way to God’s caring arms this life to transcend.

She’s in the arms of Jesus, our most special gift wrapped in love
Her sweet and gentle spirit fluttering like a dove.

Our hearts are empty now on this most solemn day
But hope rises from the ashes when we realize in these years
When we give God our best He’ll wipe away our tears.

So just like God gave the world His best gift on that first Christmas day
This Christmas He received our special gift wrapped as a bouquet
Because God deserves the very best given on Christmas day.

Christmas is a special day filled with the very best presents
So are we surprised that heaven wanted the pleasant
Company of our sweet loved ones presence.

Yes, our world’s a little darker since we sent our dear one there
But heaven’s light a little brighter for we send her with our prayer:
Dear Lord, we sent our very best to you this Christmas day
Please ease our grief and fill up our despair until that day when we see her in the air.

This world’s a little darker
But heaven’s a little brighter
Because we sent you, our very best, to heaven this Christmas day.



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